Action for Sustainability is a new educational movement using the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework and ‘design thinking’ as the learning method for students to improve the world.

Action for Sustainability provides interdisciplinary teams of educators with a creative, structured and facilitated space to develop, perform, document and disseminate new learning projects, where the students create innovative solutions for the world while learning. The participating teams go through an innovative learning process themselves, strengthening their competences to facilitate open-ended and student-centred learning projects.

The Action for Sustainability learning projects are documented by the teachers and made available on this website so that others can upcycle and develop them further. We call it pedagogical sustainability to emphasize that sustainability is also about using the many resources and practices in schools in new and value-creating ways.

The overall ambition with Action for Sustainability is that all students in Primary and Secondary education get to work as change makers and experience the many ways they can contribute positively to the ‘greater good’ of the outside world. It forms them as human beings and strengthens their innovative competences, all the while bringing knowledge from the traditional school subjects into play in meaningful ways.

Action for Sustainability started with 5 pioneering schools in Denmark in late 2018 and has since spread to schools in Greenland as well. Action for Sustainability supports an organizational transformation towards a more meaningful, innovative and sustainable education for the students. In short, a school the students do not want to go home from. We hope that you and your school will take part in the movement and strengthen your own school’s capacity within innovation and sustainability. If you want to hear more about Action for Sustainability, you can contact Nicolai Seest on +45 40 89 89 02 / or Suzanne Crawfurd on +45 60 68 05 58 /